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Elisa’s paintings merge the outside with what is felt inside, mixing external images with her feelings, dreams and memories.


Most recently her paintings are inspired by the landscapes of Northern England and Scotland, although the influence of her Mediterranean colours is still visible in her palette.

Elisa started painting as a child, copying her mother during those scorching summers in Spain. She continued to paint, attending various Spanish art schools while maintaining her self-taught approach. Trying several medias such as oil, pastel and acrylic she found her spontaneity flowing more in the latter. At University she was submerged in meditation, this continued training is ever present in her paintings as she connects her creativity with the ability to maintain an open and relaxed mind.

Elisa likes to spend her time in the landscapes she is painting, opening her senses to the environment, absorbing the changes in light, atmosphere, temperature and smell.  This whole experience is then mixed with her feelings, memories and dreams, creating the process of a new painting, without the fixed idea of where it will go. In a way it is a process of curiosity and discovery that began outside, merges with the inside and grows on the canvas. 

To paint is Elisa's inner need to look for balance and harmony both inside her and the picture.  Her contemplative approach within nature and herself remains an important source of inspiration.

Her creative process is continually developing, letting the painting talk to her, listening and trying not to interfere too much while searching for the point that is just in balance between the painting and herself. Her wish is that those that can look at her paintings can experience, at least a small piece of this enjoyment!

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